Photo Gallery

fred and Lola–1966
fred and Lola…50th anniversary–2016
fred & Lola during the Corona Virus of 2020
fred with Lisa, a favorite fan
fred just finished 5K, Jupiter Florida
Could these be the showgirls from the Flamingo Room in Ten Cents a Dance fred speaks about?
Brian, a fan from West Palm Beach, Florida
Background Header Image Photo by Dan Dumitriu on Unsplash. Thank you Dan.
Every chapter is a page turner
Vito, a fan of my books, frequents the Vero Beach Library

fred painting one of his famous paintings
fred, a night out on the town
Mike a fan from Spokane, Washington, operates a shoe shine stand. Could this be the inspiration for Willy’s Shoe Shine stand in Bullets Before Dawn-Murder in Chinatown? Willy’s sign reads: Best Shoe Shine East of Spokane
fred 4th of July

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